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As a composer, Libby enjoys creating music in collaboration with performers to capture what they love best about the musical experience. Her portfolio is diverse, including pieces for voice, chamber ensemble, orchestra, solo instrumental, and electronic mediums. She has also created experimental works that include audience participation and interdisciplinary performance such as calisthenics in combination with musical exercises. 

While maintaining a professional presence as a scholar and researcher, Libby enjoys working on commissions. She is always open to working on new commissions for performers, interdisciplinary artists, and specific events. Please contact her if you would like to commission or collaborate!

Recent Works

Something Amourphous
April 24, 2019 

A chamber work commissioned by The Sheldon to premier in April, 2019 as part of The Sheldon Classics Concert Series, 2018-2019. The piece is an homage to the experience of love both platonic and romantic. The main melody and sections of the piano accompaniment were created by translating important individuals' birthdays into tone sets and weaving them throughout the piece as "Easter eggs." 

The Lament of Orpheus
April 3, 2019

Originally conceived of as an orchestral tone poem, Libby first composed a solo piano version which was premiered in 2015 in Jackson, Mississippi. She expanded the work as her M.M. thesis project to capture her original vision. The finalized orchestral work was performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra on April 3, 2019. 

April 12, 2019

Kinethesia was a multi-media event imagined, curated, and produced by Libby Roberts. The concert featured musical works by her colleagues Mikkel Christensen and Niko Schroeder as well as a short film by Kendra Easton. Libby's piece The Sound of Movement was featured as a cross-disciplinary reimagining of the musical experience: a circuit-style workout incorporating musical cues for the exercise movements such as breathwork, stretches, and high-intensity burst movements. 

Interlude Concrète
April 2019

When it comes to electronic music, Libby enjoys finding the parts of her musical past that resonated in the creation of her own musical language. Her electronic remixes are an effort to bring the robust energy of classical and early jazz (and Charles Mingus) into a working relationship with the catching flavors of modern music. Her collage tracks are largely audio clips from existing pieces and serve as a personal musical journal or scrapbook.

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