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As a musicologist, Libby likes to combine her passion for music cognition with her studies in music history. Her historical research and guest lecture style is shaped by social and cognitive considerations. Her projects in music are focused on the interdisciplinary field of music and cognitive research, gravitating towards the psychology of the compositional process as well as priming factors in listeners' musical preferences. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in musicology, cognitive collaboration, at the University of Western Ontario.

Research Work 
Interim Director, Budds Center for American Music Studies


- 200 Memorable Missouri Musical Moments: Commentary,

  Historical Photographs, & Video Clips



- A Thematic Catalogue & Performance Chronicle 

  of the Music of John Cheetham

Archival Manager for the Budds Center School of Music Archive


Research Assistant for the Budds Center for American Music Studies

Conditioning the Musical Ear: The Effects of 20th-century Sample Based Music on the Sound-to-Music Illusion (Ongoing)

When Theories of Psychology and Music Intersect: A Case Study in Schoenberg, Dutilleux, and Lansky 


Schema-Based Education and the Composition Student: Considerations in Primary Composition Education

Prescription Sound: An Introduction to Ethnomusicology


Freudian Theory in Sound: Psychoanalysis and the Music of Weimar Germany


The University of Missouri


  • M.A. Musicology (2020)

  • M.M. Composition (2019)



Belhaven University



  • B.A. in Music (Composition)

  • American Musicological Society (2019-)


  • Society for Music Perception and Cognition (2020-)